About the Developer

Magnificat Ventures Corporation (MVC) is a real-estate development company concerned with providing Filipinos with solemn and accessible places of worship, as well as interment alternatives, in order to foster faithful devotion to Catholic patron saints.

MVC is part of the 7R Group of Companies.

MVC’s premiere project is the development of the Shrine of St. Thérèse and Columbarium, in cooperation with the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines (MOP).

The sprawling 6,244 square-meter property of the MOP was developed to become the site of an impressive structure that would be a testament to the life of St. Thérèse as well as a place of sanctuary for people looking for secure death benefit plans and interment alternatives.

MVC Logo

Our Mission

To contribute to the development and improvement of the Catholic faithful by advocating devotion to Patron Saints through the institutionalization of places of worship and alternative burial grounds for the dearly departed.

Our Vision

In propagating the establishment of virtuous enterprises, we envision that the company’s projects will be a catalyst for Catholic constituents to strengthen their faith, to bring our benefactors closer to their dearly departed, and to remember that there is indeed something to look forward to after life.